Top Tips For Styling Your Blog Posts

The 10 Indispensable Tips For Styling Your Blog Posts

One important way a company can work toward increasing business exposure, gaining visibility, and improving user experience is to start a blog. Sounds simple enough, right? A blog is a vital aspect of a company’s online presence because it provides a platform from which to impart industry wisdom, share information pertinent to the primary focus of the business, issue announcements and news, and make more personal connections with people that may be interested in what the company does, sells, or provides.

1. Social Media Links

Always link your blog posts on your social media pages (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and include a short summary of why the blog would be interesting or useful to particular people or consumers.

2. Remember Your Target Demographic

Determine who you are writing the blog for and use the appropriate tone and style. The demographics of your readers play a huge role in your blog’s success or failure. Particularly if you are not hitting the mark when delivering content that sets the right tone for their tastes.

3. Include Images

Include interesting and relevant images in your blog posts. If a person likes what they see, they will keep looking (and reading).

4. Link Descriptions

Never include a link that doesn’t also provide information about where that link will take someone, especially if you want the reader to click it. Whether you use a tooltip or a leading summary, always describe a linked page’s content in some way.

5. Update!

Update your blog frequently. This is perhaps the most important tip. Constant content keeps a reader’s constant interest, so post blog entries as often as possible.

6. Short Paragraphs

Use short paragraphs and try to put the main focus of each paragraph’s content in the first sentence. Separate paragraphs with white space to break up the visual flow and continuity.

7. Easy to Read Content

Make sure the content of your blog entries is presented in a conversational style that avoids overly technical words and phrasing (unless they are essential to the content).

8. Keep Readers Engaged

Create momentum and anticipation with your posts to keep readers engaged. You can refer (via hyperlink) to older blog entries and allude to future posts, but make sure you do so in a way that generates a desire in the reader to continue perusing your blogs and look forward to the next one.

9. Keep it Short

Keep an eye on word count. Try to keep your blog entries under 1000 words and if you have to write a lengthy entry, separate the key points of your post and use sub-headings for each section.

10. List Posts

Utilize lists. People love lists because they provide a “quick and dirty” way of obtaining useful information without filler content and they can be scanned quickly for relevance to the reader.


Because it is a more personalized means of reaching out to potential customers or internet users, the content of your blog should be presented in a way that pulls a person in and keeps them engaged. Elements of search engine and content marketing optimization should be employed when creating blog posts – not for putting the blog on the ranking map but for making it beneficial to your audience in some way (or many ways).

Extremely successful blog entries find themselves linked all over the internet and this means even more interest, exposure, and visibility. Use your company’s blog entries to captivate, interest, intrigue, and engage your readers – which will, in turn, provide more notice and recognition for the products, services, information, or brand you are trying to market.

A blog is a marketing tool, plain and simple, whether you are marketing an idea or opinion, tangible product, or useful service. Websites are valuable business tools designed to promote, sell, educate and inform. And if your blog isn’t set up to be visually appealing and easy to follow, it won’t be able to achieve any of those goals.

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