Marketing a band

Marketing A Band

A couple of weeks ago a small indie band in the Minneapolis area called “The Silver Heart Club” contacted me about doing some website work for them. They had an extremely limited budget but I was really intrigued about building a band website and after meeting them and see what great guys these two really were, I decided to take them on as my free clients for the month. It also helped that I think they have some real talent.

I thought I would meet with Bo and Steven, talk about gnarly band website designs, build and site and be on my way, but after one meeting this project became much more interesting than I could have expected.

Sparking My Interest

My normal routine is to ask a series of questions to figure out a businesses goals for their website and their marketing efforts. After meeting with the Silver Hearts Club guys and hearing what their struggles were, what they wanted to do and how they lacked any real direction in their marketing effort, I realized that their band is really just a small business struggling with the same issues that every small business struggles with. At this point it was obvious that the Silver Heart Club needed more than just a website, they needed a complete online marketing strategy for their business.

Sorting Out The Mess

Their first issue was internet marketing overload. I literally see this with nearly every client I work with. The Silver Hearts Club had roughly 10 social media profiles they were trying to manage, multiple band promotion websites they were part of and things I had never heard of. Between the two of them, they were probably trying to manage 20 different website profiles, including their own website.

As a small business owner, it is easy to see all of the social networks and hear how you must be a part of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler, Flickr, Instagram and so on. On top of that, you are getting bombarded with calls of the latest and greatest online marketing tactic being sold to you on a weekly basis. It can be very easy to become spread so thin and not able to have any of your online presences well at all.

Assessing The Goals

After they finished telling me about all of their different online marketing efforts, I asked them a couple more simple questions to see where their goals were, and if the goals were real. Also, I  to determine what they really wanted out of their business.  I really wanted to know if I was dealing with guys with stars in their eyes who dreamed of being rich and famous musicians or guys who were ready to put in the work to carve out a business model that worked for them.

Before we finished our first meeting, I also needed to know: Where their money came from (shows, merchandise, music, ect.), current website traffic, current email list, social media followers and so on. I then felt prepared to get to work on not just a website but an entire online plan for the band.

The Silver Hearts Club was ready to work and I was starting to see a strategy develop in my head. I was really excited and I can’t wait to move forward with this project. I’ll keep you updated as we go with this one!

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