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Best Websites To Learn Coding and Become a Professional

Learn to code and you can build whatever you want. It is the beauty of programming. A software is basically a code with a set of instructions which computer understands and manipulates. Taking into advanced level, with professional coders, a professional software can be made, such as Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Office. And undoubtedly, all of you know how successful these programs are and how much their brains had earned through them. Now if we talk about Web development, it includes languages like HTML, XHTML, PHP, Jquery and you can also see the demand of business growth through websites which has a great scope for a successful career.

Now that almost everything can be found and done online, then why would you hire a tutor to teach you how to program? You can do this online in the comfort of your home and most of the rest resources are for FREE! The list below with top “learn to code” websites have been brought by some self-experimentation and guidance from people who are learning to code online.

Best Websites To Learn Coding


Recommended by us, tested by me. This is the one I used from the start and still consider it the best of all. It teaches you every basic, makes it strong, and gives you an opportunity to stand up and test yourself for a particular course in the test room. I am not a coder from passion, but still, if someone asks me for the recommendation on the resource for strong coding basics, I will give the whole credit to this website.


Most of the times you google something about a code, or you stuck somewhere in a non-working code, W3 always comes in results. With 160 alexa rank, and probably the best traffic among all how-to-code guides, it is pretty focused on WEB tutorials and covering everything from a basic to advance. Well, you can also test yourself and get a certificate probably helping you in interviews. Their fast helpdesk and try it editor are the best functions any code website have.


This suits best for people like me, who hates long video tutorials, Udacity offers video tutorials with quizzes at intervals, and they are broken down to maximum 2-3 minutes. It also offers a final test on your course and you can be pretty confident and tighten your skills again if you stuck come where.

What will Guide You to Professional Coder?

Learning a programing language online is easy. Since you don’t have to manage a schedule, whenever it seems right you can do it. There are a lot of people who know how to code, but few are able to turn it into skills. Being a coder doesn’t mean learning commands. To be professional and to work on the clients you need to have your fingers pretty much intact. It will only come after practice. That’s my experience. Practice on various types of differed codes, daily. This is the only way.


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