5 Things That Prove You Are Still A New Blogger

There is always a real difference between a new blogger and a professional or pro blogger. Blogger’s who started blogging in the past 6 or 7 months and they claim to be a pro blogger. You think! Is it correct? No, Pro Bloggers are those who learns from their own mistakes and help other peoples to learn more. In this today’s post we will have some distinguished points which still prove that you are a new blogger.

5 Things That Prove You Are Still New Blogger.

1. Updating Template On A Weekly Basis: Yes! This is one of the most important things which a new blogger does, they always have some glitchy issue with their template. Or have a behavior of changing their blog’s template twice or more than that. A Pro Blogger always wants to establish their own empire. With their blog, they want a steady brand name and this can be only possible if you keep the identity for many years.

2. Running Forward For The Stats:  Yes! This is the main problem which most of the newbies do if they don’t get enough traffic for the day as they have planned or thought to be. Then they simply cut off the mood from blogging and simply waste their time on other things. This is really a bad habit with new bloggers. They should try to face the truth and let’s leave the blog’s stats for some day. And concentrate on blogging, building up backlinks and promoting the blog on social media and you will automatically see the changes.

3. Not Re-Checking The Blog Post Before Publishing:  It’s your blog and you are the king. And if you don’t maintain or give correct facilities then who is going to visit your blog. Think about it – if you have made several mistakes in the post and while re-checking you will find and correct that. But what if you don’t do it? Simply it will leave behind and will be left for the readers to check mistake(s). This leaves a very bad impression to the readers of the blog. So try to check at-least once, and if possible – check twice.

4. Comparing and Looking SEO Metrics Often: This is another thing which most of the new bloggers do – comparing and checking stats too often.  So we will suggest you once again to try to focus on your blog, your readers, build up backlink and optimize your site. If you follow this then be sure that your ranks are going to rock. Furthermore, you could download toolbars and extensions to have the meet metrics displayed right on the spot.

5. Feels Lazy To Write Daily: Felling lazy while updating/writing your article is a really bad thing. As we already know through our past articles that “content is the king.” And we should not compromise it with anything else. So try to be as active as you can. If you are really busy or couldn’t be active for any reasons then you could hire a person who will post on behalf of you. Or try to accept the guest posts in your blog so that you will get articles from other authors frequently.

Now It’s Your Turn: 

So how’s this article? And what is your rank? Pro Blogger Or A New Blogger? Let’s know your feedback about it, We would love to hear from you. 

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